Our Shade, your expression

Our Company

The traditional methods of fabric printing have long since been “the way”, especially in the African textile printing industry. With increasing client base and higher demands, speed is required but speed doesn’t cut it for those who employ the old way; quality suffers. Indigo puts together both speed and the highest quality in textile printing using ultra-modern equipment and techniques. We are a new generation of fabric experts who put digital fabric printing under the spotlight of African fashion. Our unique designs and colour combinations bring out pieces that are classy and trendy. Our intricate sustainable process allows us to be flexible and fast in response to the market providing value and platform for cultural pride and expression.

 From Ghana, we plan to print our way into every home, every occasion, and every area of African activity, until we paint the globe Indigo

What we do

We do what you ask us to do, but because we have you at heart, we even have it ready before you ask. Fabric prints and designs for personal use and for institutions are our strength. We also partner with fashion houses to create the most affordable Ready to Wear designs, you know, for whenever you are ready. Find us in a fashion retail shop really close to you.



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