February 5, 2022 was a huge day for Indigo Textiles Limited. If you missed the news on Instagram, Facebook or through our newsletter, let us catch you up! After many wonderful years serving the sewing/Textile community with our line of patterns and shades, we are ready to stretch our wings and expand into a new industry! We could not be more excited to tell you about the upcoming launch of our new sister brand, Indigo Textiles retail shop.

The concept came to us fully formed one night when we could not fall asleep. While we had our hands full running Indigo Textile Limited, we could not shake this stubborn idea, a vision of a perfectly curated one-stop-fabric-shop, with every fabric as sustainably and ethically sourced as possible. We wanted to create a fun, inspiring place where you could get everything you needed to sew your dream wardrobe, and do it with the knowledge that you had made good choices for our planet. A place where we could continue to celebrate the craft of designing, sewing, and connect our community with unique textile producers creating fabrics that has been sustainable and beautiful in equal measure.

Almost a year later, our new retail shop is ready to share with you. With the help of our incredible business customers, we have moved to a new studio, developed a beautiful website, and built a team to help get our carefully curated fabrics into your hands. While the factory and the retail shop Patterns will exist as different businesses, geographically, with the same identities and websites, we are super excited for the synchronicity between our two brands.

For one, we will start releasing Indigo patterns as seasonal capsule collections (at least after our new pattern coming the same day the fabric store was launched) What it means for you is the ability to shop a perfectly curated collection of textiles chosen specifically for our patterns, in addition to our broader collection of garment fabrics, making it easier than ever to get everything you need for sewing gorgeous clothes in one easy place. We will share more about how everything will work in the weeks to come, but rest assured Indigo isn’t going anywhere – we will continue to bring you the chic, high quality patterns you have come to expect from us, in addition to gorgeous fabrics and supplies from us.

If you do like to see what we have been working on, please sign up for our new mailing list here. You will get first dibs on fabric, and we will send you an exclusive launch discount code to use in our shop. You will also want to follow our Instagram adventures through our new account @indigotextiles_official as we share fun behind-the-scenes.

Whoo hoo! Let the new fabric and sewing adventure begin!
“…..Our Shade, Your Expression”.

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